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... providing retailers and food service industries with the solutions they need. Here at Del's Pastry Ltd. we are innovative and unrivaled. We use the highest- quality ingredients to produce our custom recipes and traditional favourites. Our brands promise is to make every calorie count.

Del's Pastry Ltd. is a trusted and respected bakery manufacturer with dedicated team of highly skilled professionals to assist your company in a wide range of product requirements. For over 50 years, Del's Pastry has been developing and producing high quality fresh and frozen sweet goods including:
§  Muffins
§  Cakes
§  Puff and Danish Pastries
§  Cookies
Del's Pastry Ltd has the expertise in partnering with Private Label, Retail, Food Service, Catering and other customers. Del's is also a co-manufacturing partner our team of product developers, engineering, manufacturing and logistics professionals have successfully met and often exceeded customers' expectations on concept to market assignments.

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